Diginoiz DigiMaschine Drums Collection

Diginoiz has released DigiMaschine Drums Collection, a collection of two drum packs for Maschine.

‘DigiMaschine Drums Collection’ is our first product directed at all NI Maschine users, prepared in collaboration with SoundsAndGear.com.

In the package we combined two of our best selling one shot drums packs – ‘Drum Injection’ and “Digi Drums’ in the NI Mashcine format. What you get is high quality drum one shots ready to be used in Your Maschine compositions to help produce your best tracks! Instructions in pdf and video format is included in the package to help You load our samples into the Maschine. We treat this pack as a bundle so You get it from us with over 35% discount!

‘DigiMaschine Drums Collection’ contains 674 perfectly sounding drum one shot’s, over 140 Mb multi-format material ready to use in hip-hop, r&b, soul, pop and all known genre. Specifically: 190 Kick Drums, 163 Snare Drums, 83 Clap’s, 179 HiHats, 28 Percs and 31 Shaker’s

The DigiMaschine Drums Collection is available to purchase for 33 EUR.

More information: Diginoiz