Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds & Old School Rockin Live Drums

FatLoud has released Synth Style Sounds and Old School Rockin’ Live Drums, two sample pack by Diginoiz.

Synth Style Sounds

When You are thinking about “Synth Style Sounds” You think – high quality, melodic, rich and fly synthesizer loops that come from Diginoiz!! We give it for the demanding, best musicians that are in love with the most expensive diamond sounds. In the package You will find 50 synthesizer loops, originally made on high quality hardware tools like Acces Virus Ti, Alesis Ion and Roland V-Synth.

Diginoiz Old School Rockin’ Live Drums (Audio + MIDI)

This time Diginoiz invites you to go on a long and sentimental journey into the past. Just the name – “Old School Rockin’ Live Drums” tells you everything about this sample pack. We travel to the 80’s giving you a powerful dose of drum loops and fills. All created using vintage hardware straight from the past! “Old School Rockin’ Live Drums” was created by Voyna (www.voyna.eu), a talented drummer and pianist.

Synth Style Sounds is available to purchase as an instant download for 15.90 EUR, Old School Rockin’ Live Drums is 22.90 EUR.

More information: FatLoud