Digital Music Doctor FL Studio 9 - Know It All

Digital Music Doctor has released FL Studio 9 – Know It All, a collection of FL Studio 9 tutorials.

These FL Studio (Fruity Loops) tutorials are a complete guide to making music using the FL Studio 9 Digital Audio Workstation.

FL Studio 9 – Know It All features

  • 3 hours and 11 minutes of Adobe Flash interactive videos in data DVD format.
  • The Quick Start section presents a grand tour of the functions in FL Studio 9.
  • The Audio Section contains in-depth tutorials on audio setup, recording, mixing and mastering.
  • The MIDI section features tutorials on virtual instruments, hardware synthesizers, MIDI editing, and Rewire.
  • The Loops & Remix section presents a comprehensive discussion of the loop techniques available as well as a Remix example.

FL Studio 9 – Know It All is available to purchase as a download and on DVD for $34.95 USD.

More information: Digital Music Doctor