Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond

I used to consider Dinosaur Jr. as one of my favorite bands when I first started listening to alternative guitar/rock music and I have fond memories of playing songs from Bug and You’re Living All Over Me with my teenage friends.

But times change, and so did my musical preference. It’s not that I don’t like that type of music anymore but I just listen to more electronic stuff these days.

Reading about Dinosaur Jr.’s latest album Beyond got me a bit excited though. For this album they got back in their original lineup of J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph. I guess Barlow leaving Dinosaur Jr. almost 20 years ago (after the Bug tour) wasn’t all bad (Sebadoh!), and J made some great albums pretty much all on his own, but in my opinion Dinosaur Jr. is best with these three guys in it.

Dinosaur Jr. back in the day - Murph, Jay and Lou

Critics are quite positive and fans seem to love it. So, if you’re into alternative rock just give it a try (I know I will).

Check the Dinosaur Jr. website for more information.

Link via Bleep