Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and U.S.-based performance audio company Cleer Audio have announced that the two innovators have collaborated to integrate Dirac’s patented spatial audio solution Dirac Virtuo into the Bluetooth chipset of the all-new ALPHA over-ear, active noise-cancelling headphones.

By including Dirac Virtuo, Cleer ALPHA users can enjoy immersive sound experiences from any stereo content.

“Cleer Audio has established itself as a leading designer of ultra-high-quality headphones, earbuds, and smart speakers that offer premium performance at affordable prices,” stated Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s Head of Business Development, Streaming & Headphones. “By collaborating to include Dirac Virtuo™ in the new Cleer ALPHA, our companies have shown that headphone users can have easier access to better sound quality and more immersive sound experiences.”

Spatial audio is becoming mainstream. However, most consumed content is still stereo and not spatial. Dirac Virtuo for wireless headphones turns any stereo content into an immersive sound experience with an accurate soundstage and perfected sound quality. With Dirac Virtuo integrated into the new Cleer ALPHA, listeners experience a more balanced sound and an expanded soundscape that includes all spatial cues of the original stereo content – as if it were coming from a pair of high-end home speakers.

Dirac Virtuo uses a high-resolution Binaural Room Impulse Response (BRIR) to bring out the spatial cues already embedded in stereo recordings, recreating the listening experience as originally intended by the artist. The solution also includes measurement-based frequency response correction technology to digitally enhance the sound quality of headphones, removing undesired resonances and colorations – creating a clean acoustic canvas for the spatial experience.

The result is audio that sounds like it’s emanating from beyond the headphones, for a more natural and comfortable listening experience, whether enjoying music, podcasts, conferencing, or movies.

“Our collaboration with Dirac underscores Cleer Audio’s efforts to combine high-performance hardware and software to create the best sound experience possible from our headphones,” said Patrick Huang, President & CEO, Cleer Audio. “Regardless of your media player or playback device, Cleer ALPHA users can now always experience immersive sound.”

The Cleer ALPHA headphones include adaptive technology to sense a user’s surroundings and provide a quiet, focused listening experience. They include patented 40mm Ironless drivers for crystal CLEER audio and strong bass and deliver up to 35 hours of playback time.

More information: Cleer Audio