discoDSP has announced that a purchase of its Corona synthesizer instrument now includes the Urban Producer’s Toolkit soundset from Xenos Soundworks.

Our ‘Urban Producer’s Toolkit’ for DiscoDSP’s Corona synthesizer contains 70 fresh and current sounds for Dubstep, Trap and other downtempo genres.

The basses are tough as nails. The subs will blow your cones. The leads sing blissfully, and the synth stabs pack a serious punch. Supporting the main players are a varied assortment of keys, plucks, pads, bells and sound effects.

Previously sold at $7.95 USD, the soundset is included free of charge for a limited time. Registered customers can get the bank downloading the new installer at Members Area. It’s included in demo version as well.

Corona is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at $79 USD / 69 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: discoDSP