discoDSP HighLife VSTi

The Open Source version of discoDSP’s HighLife sampler instrument has been updated to R2 by George Yohng.

Changes in HighLife R2

  • Menu items added to save/load instrument in a special HighLife format.
  • Polyphony stealing is changed, so that the oldest voice is stolen (this seems to work better than what there was before).
  • LFO fixed.
  • Updates to make it compile well on MSVS 8.0.
  • Changes to conform VST SDK better.

Visit the HighLife project at SourceForge for more information and a link to download the open source version of HighLife, or check discoDSP to download a compiled .dll and installer for Windows (a Linux version is available as well, but I’m not sure if that’s R2 as well…)