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discoDSP HighLife Open Source updated to R2

discoDSP HighLife VSTi

The Open Source version of discoDSP’s HighLife sampler instrument has been updated to R2 by George Yohng.

Changes in HighLife R2

  • Menu items added to save/load instrument in a special HighLife format.
  • Polyphony stealing is changed, so that the oldest voice is stolen (this seems to work better than what there was before).
  • LFO fixed.
  • Updates to make it compile well on MSVS 8.0.
  • Changes to conform VST SDK better.

Visit the HighLife project at SourceForge for more information and a link to download the open source version of HighLife, or check discoDSP to download a compiled .dll and installer for Windows (a Linux version is available as well, but I’m not sure if that’s R2 as well…)

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