New Loops has announced the release of a new soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.

The Diva Expansion pack featuring powerful and inspiring presets showcasing the best of classic analogue and modern digital sounds.

New Loops Diva Expansion

Each patch in this Diva sound bank has been carefully created to be used in music, you won’t find any wacky FX or strange noises here, you will find a wide choice of musical sounds which make a great starting point for your own songs.

With 76 new presets, Diva Expansion covers a range of classic and vintage sounds including huge cinematic Pads and Drones, warm analogue Basses, Oldskool Chords and FM Bells, big brassy Synths, beautiful filtered Keys and Arpeggios, and loads more characterful sounds.

Diva Expansion isn’t all analogue gooeyness though, you’ll also find sounds that are perfect for EDM and modern Electronic music including massive digital Leads, tropical Plucks, wonky Squares, metallic Basses and Wobbles, huge supersaw Stacks, aggressive Stabs, plus plenty of new and unique sounds!

Diva Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including Cinematic and Soundtrack, Ambient and Chill, Electronica and Techno, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Trance, and many more.

Diva Expansion features

  • 76 inspiring Diva presets.
  • Warm vintage sounds.
  • Modern EDM sounds.
  • Plucks, Leads and Keys.
  • Chords, Arps and Sequences,.
  • Pads, Brass and Basses.
  • Modwheel assign on each patch.
  • Level matched.
  • 100% Royalty Free sounds.

The Diva Expansion soundset is on sale for £14.99 GBP (regular £19.99 GBP). A free demo pack is available for download.

More information: New Loops / Diva Expansion