DJ CSI and Wavosaur have released Rave Generator 2, a free instrument plugin that features stab sounds from the 90s.

Rave Generator 2

Version 2 brings VST/AU support for Mac, the ability to load your own samples, and more.

RaveGenerator VST is a rompler / sampler multi-timbral plugin in VST2 and AudioUnit format for Windows / Mac OS X and Linux: it has 128 different presets for oldschool rave and 90’s techno sound.

It contains many of the classic sounds of the early rave / hardcore era, mainly “stab” sounds. The sound engine tries to recreate the oldschool dirty sound of hardware samplers from this era.

Rave Generator 2 features

  • Mac OS X, Windows and Linux compatible VST + AudioUnit version for Logic users.
  • Up to 147 internal sounds.
  • Sampler vs rompler: you can load your own samples.
  • Layer samples (up to 16 sounds).
  • Multi timbral: you can assign different MIDI channels to each sample.
  • Editable / automatable loop points per sample.
  • Tune/pan/volume + volume & pitch envelope per sample.
  • AKAIZE effect from hell for your speed garage time-stretched vooooiiiicccceees.
  • Reverse, awful delay, green colors, working embeded keyboard.
  • Pitch bend.

Rave Generator 2 is available as a free download in 32 and 64 bit versions.

More information: Wavosaur / Rave Generator 2