DJ TechTools has announced the release of the Midi Fighter Pro, a new series of MIDI controllers.

DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro Series

DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Pro Series

The Pro series adds what Midi Fighter owners want most, well-placed analog controls with amazing mapping integration. The expressive and robust nature make them truly a controllerist’s controller.

For those who want to connect a controller to Serato or Ableton, the built in super fader functionality is clutch. They allow anyone to create amazing effects combos right out of the box without diving into Bomes coding or advanced MIDI mapping.

If you are looking for a super unique and powerful MIDI instrument, the Midi Fighter Pro is hard to beat.

Midi Fighter Pro features

  • Robust metal casing.
  • Chip proof surface.
  • High performance arcade buttons.
  • Bright blue LEDs.
  • MIDI controllable mode buttons.
  • Rugged faders and knobs.
  • Smooth high performance surface.
  • Analog controls send super knob values out of the box.
  • Digital buttons send super combo values out of the box.
  • Trade in program for existing Midi Fighter owners.

The Midi Fighter Pro is currently available in 4 models (Beat Masher, Cue Master, Super Knob, XX Fader) priced at $349 USD.

More information: DJ TechTools