Pioneer has announced it is partnering with Dubset Media to upload, clear, and distribute your mixes right from its iOS DJ-mix recording app, DJM-REC.

Now, DJs can go from live set to instant legal distribution in a matter of minutes, for the first time.

Pioneer DJM REC Dubset

The process feels frictionless, though it’s built on two innovative platforms designed with DJs in mind. Dubset’s proprietary MixBANK platform manages the licenses and royalties for labels and publishers. Its proprietary MixSCAN technology can analyze DJ mixes or remixed audio files and identify the tracks used.

This new feature means that once you’ve uploaded a mix from DJM-REC to Dubset and the system has analyzed it for copyrights and cleared it, you will be able to distribute it legally to music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. A DJ artist profile is also created in these major music services on your behalf if you don’t already have one, where your cleared content is made available in one location for all your fans to access and enjoy.

When a user plays your DJ mix or remix on these streaming services, appropriate royalties will be paid to the labels (who will pay the artists) and publishers (who will pay the composers and writers) who own the copyrights.

“This partnership brings together Pioneer, the best-in-class DJ tools company with Dubset, the leader in compliant distribution of DJ mixes and remixes to major music services,” explains Stephen White, Dubset’s CEO.

“This exciting partnership enables, for the first time, DJs to upload their live sets through their Pioneer DJM-REC app to Dubset’s MixBANK where the set will be analyzed, parsed, cleared, and distributed to Apple Music. A seamless live performance-to-distribution model has been at the top of the DJ communities wish list for a long time, and it is now here.”

To use the Dubset upload function, you’ll need to update DJM-REC to the latest version (ver. 1.2.0).

More information: Pioneer DJ