DMG Audio has announced updates for its effect plugins, offering new features in Limitless and Essence, and bug fixes for stability and compatibility for all plugins.

DMG Audio Limitless

Changes in the updates

  • Limitless
    • Fix pop when adjusting clipper drive.
    • Prevent pops on enabling/disabling clipper.
    • Add two new clipping shapes.
    • Ceiling/Threshold text-entry – assume minus sign prefix.
    • Clip/Dither can be enabled/disabled by clicking their headers.
    • Threshold Pre-Clipper setting.
    • Allow independent Separation control for Transient limiter.
    • Added defence against non-numeric audio on input.
    • “Lock” button now has right-menu for locking different subsets of controls.
    • Pref to show Clipper GR on main VU GR.
    • “Copy to manual” icon next to character menu.
    • Parameter in Advanced DSP to use ITU filter for ISP processing that never exceeds TP ceiling.
  • Essence
    • Improve UI styling.
    • Remove GR meter glitch on restart.
    • Fix Listen to Split band with Oversampling engaged.
    • Pref to show Listen buttons for Pass/Diff.
    • Pref to select Split/Pass/Diff as autolisten signal.
  • EQuilibrium
    • Fix bug with ZL Analogue Phase mode + independent MS band shifting stereo image.
    • Fix pops when engaging/disengaging autolistening with Parallel mode active.
    • Fix bug with reinstatement of deleted bands when selected and bypassing a band.
    • Fix bug with control-lock for deleted bands.
  • Dualism
    • Improve UI styling.
    • Fix bug with BitScope channel selection.
    • Fix bug with Tuner and samplerate.
    • Fix bug with incorrect signal shown for Side channels in fullscreen.
  • Compassion
    • Make zoom-mode follow K-Scale on VU meters.
    • Mousewheel allows fine adjust for Sidechain/EQ graphs.
  • Expurgate
    • Improve UI styling.
  • All
    • Fix 32bit Carbon UIs on OSX.

The updates are now available for download at DMG Audio.

More information: DMG Audio