Dmitry Sches has launched Tantra, a multi-effect plug-in that transforms input audio into rhythmic sequences.

Dmitry Sches Tantra

Tantra is a rhythmic multi-effect plug-in with a rich feature set and high quality processing modules.

With Tantra you can get any kind of sound and turn it into a complex rhythmic progression, with lots of movements among the deep produced sound space.

Tantra features

  • 8 multi-stage modulators, which generate rhythmic 32-step multi-stage envelopes with adjustable shape and different operating modes.
  • 6 high quality effects process audio in Tantra and in response to the applied modulations form rhythmic pulsations in your sounds.
  • Includes analog filter, distortion and lo-fi sections, flexible delay and flanger. Special Glitch module brings the modern “Stutter” effect on the board.
  • All the effects are organized as two independent layers, which allows you to produce deep and complex audio rhythms, consist of two sub-patterns.
  • Master equalizer and reverb at the output will help you to shape your final sound and breathe air into it.

Tantra for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $49 USD until May 15th, 2015 (regular $69 USD). Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Dmitry Sches / Tantra