DNR Collaborative MiniPaks

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of Sylenth1 Electro Arp and Ace Moving Pads, two new MiniPaks.

MiniPaks are smaller, more dedicated sets of sounds from our larger libraries, typically sold by category. This allows users to purchase only the sound elements that they really want or need. MiniPaks are $5 USD each and contain 32 or more sounds in each package.

DNR Collaborative has also released two new MiniPaks – Sylenth1 Electro Arps (32 sounds) and Ace Moving Pads (34 sounds). The Electro Arps MiniPak is a package of arpeggiated and sequenced sounds from our Sylenth Signature V2 soundset, while the Moving Pads MiniPak is a package of pads and textures from our Ace.Animated soundset.

The Sylenth1 Electro Arp and Ace Moving Pads MiniPaks are available to purchase for $5 USD each.

More information: DNR Collaborative