Kamui Virus Soundbank by Dominik Felsmann

Dominik Felsmann has released the Kamui Virus Soundset, a soundset for Virus synthesizers.

As one half of Kamui, Dominik has released dozens of tracks and remixes and he is regularly DJing at festivals & clubs in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

Dominik about the soundset:

Mostly dance oriented (electro house trance hardstyle…) – I tried to minimize the amount of standard patches (e.g. pads, arp sounds, supersaw leads..) and rather focused on sounds that inspire you while you play them. Also contains a couple of the patches we used in our productions.

Used quite a lot of the Rectifier & Shaper distortions which creates sounds that haven’t been used too much in today’s dance music – in the end i wanted it to be the virus bank that you use for inspiration, not the one that you use to fill up your productions.

The Kamui Virus Soundset features 127 patches programmed on a Virus C (compatible with all Virus models) and is available for purchase for 24.99 GBP / 29.17 EUR / 40.66 USD.