DontCrac[k] has announced a special sale of the Modeling Collection, the complete line of virtual instruments by Applied Acoustics Systems.

This time they have partnered with AAS (Applied Acoustics Systems) in order to promote AAS’s complete line of virtual instruments at ONLY $319, from now untill January 5, 2009. (That is over 75% reduction on the separately purchased price of $1,235).

Applied Acoustics Systems Modeling Collection

AAS Modeling Collection includes:

  • Lounge Lizard EP-3 (MSRP $229) — The Best Got Even Better! Once again, AAS rises the bar in the re-creation of the classic Rhodes™ and Wurlitzer™ electric pianos. Not only does Lounge Lizard EP-3 deliver the authentic tone of the originals but it also preserves their action and feel. Once you get your hands on Lounge Lizard, that elusive electric piano sound becomes a reality—you’ll be proppelled into inspirational space.
  • String Studio VS-1 (MSRP $229) — The String Studio synthesizer swaps the traditional oscillator, filter, and envelope pattern for real-life string instrument components. At the core of String Studio lies a new cutting edge string model interacting with picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, dampers, and soundboards. Through this direct approach, String Studio delivers stunning guitars, basses, harps, clavinets, bowed instruments, percussions as well as rich and animated tones that blend the warmth, naturalness, and density of real-life with unique and innovative timbres from yet unheard instruments.
  • Strum Acoustic GS-1 (MSRP $229) — The Keyboardist’s Acoustic Guitar. Can’t learn the guitar in time for your deadline. Your favorite session player is out of town. Romplers are not quite there. Strum is the just-right solution.
  • Tassman 4 (MSRP $349) — The Tassman is a modular sound synthesis studio based on Applied Acoustics Systems’ award winning physical modeling technology. The Tassman offers a near infinite range of creative possibilities with a wide collection of synths ranging from highly realistic emulation of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, loop processors to entirely unique hybrid creations simply not possible by any other means.
  • Ultra Analog VA-1 (MSRP $199) — The Finest in Analog Sounds. In a world filled with reproductions and ever increasing complexity, Ultra Analog imposes itself as a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy and remarkably versatile. At the heart of Ultra Analog are the best alias free oscillators of the industry, featuring standard wave shapes, hard sync, sub oscillators and integrated pitch envelopes for the most impressive evolving and dynamic analog tone you ever heard. Two audacious multimode filters with distortion are then applied to confer Ultra Analog its sonic character. Finally, carefully chosen modulation options are provided by two syncable comprehensive LFOs, four loopable velocity sensitive ADSR envelopes generators and vibrato.

The Modeling Collection is available for $319 USD until January 5th, 2009.

Visit DontCrac[k] for more information.