DontCrack has announced that it has partnered with MoReVoX and Overloud, launching a group buy for the REmatrix convolution reverb.

From today until September 22nd 2015, users can subscribe to DontCrack’s EXCLUSIVE Group-Buy promotion that will make the AMAZING REmatrix convolution reverb available at up to 70% discount.

Sounds Fantastic, but what exactly is REmatrix ?

Well first of all, REmatrix has been co-developed by MoReVoX and Overloud. REmatrix is the FIRST multilayer convolution reverb that features up to five individual convolvers and an effect chain working together to create complex and unique spaces that cannot be obtained by any other tool.

Impulse Response (IR) reverbs are great, when you need to replicate a static sampled space. However, the typical IRs offers only limited, not to say “simplistic” adjustments and does not allow you to get creative and tweak it until it is perfect. What if you need that greater level of control? What if you want to change the fundamental elements originally captured inside the impulse response? Read more from the DontCrack website.

Share the word about this attractive REmatrix Group-Buy Promotion in order to get the best possible price ever on this unique product.

The Group Buy ends September 22nd, 2015.

More information: DontCrack / REmatrix Group Buy