Double Impact Ultimate Drum Bundle

Double Impact has released the Ultimate Drum Bundle, a drum sample library for Slate Digital Trigger and WaveMachine Labs Drummagog.

The Ultimate Drum Bundle is a high quality sample bundle which contains 17 Kicks, 19 Toms and 18 phenomenal sounding snares recorded with top of the line microphones, preamps and converters.

The samples are easy to use in all industry standard drum replacement plugins and allows users to fully customize the close mic’s, overheads, room and additional microphone levels of each sample.

To give you instant access to huge drum sounds we provided you with ready-to-go mix presets for trigger and drumagog, containing one of the best sounding reverbs of this decade.

The sample library costs 50 EUR. The snares, kicks and toms are also sold individually for 35 EUR each. Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Double Impact / Ultimate Drum Bundle