DJs For Climate Action, in collaboration with Greenpeace, has launched the Climate Sample Pack, a selection of hits and loops crafted from the environmental organization’s sound library.

Producers and artists from all over the world are asked to use the samples to create an original track inspired by the question: “What does our future sound like?”

The sound library features diverse audio, ranging from recordings of the rich Papuan rainforest to haunting whale song, from the metallic reverberations of Greenpeace’s ships to the crackling sound of melting Arctic sea ice.

You have until February 28th 2021 to submit tracks made from these samples or using Ninja Tune’s Ninja Jamm app, with the most inspiring visions featured on a digital compilation. A jury consisting of Ninja June founder Matt Black, BLOND:ISH, Nicola Cruz and and Cosmo Baker will pick a selection of their favorite tracks to be pressed to one of the greenest vinyl LPs ever produced and available for release this coming Summer.

The sample pack can be downloaded for free. It was made from sounds recorded by Greenpeace during its many years of campaigning around the globe and compiled for the first time ever through a unique collaboration with DJs For Climate Action.

More information: DJs For Climate Action