downSouthside music offers out.of.the.Blue for Diva free to mailing list subscribers

out.of.the.Blue for Diva

downSouthside music has announced it is offering the out.of.the.Blue soundset for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer plug-in by u-he free of charge for a limited time.

We are very proud and excited to introduce our very first commercial soundset! We chose u-he Diva for its amazing sound and flexibility. All three styles from the promos are included in the 80 presets.

out.of.the.Blue features

  • 80 original presets for the u-he Diva software-based synthesizer.
  • Each preset optimized for lowest CPU usage and created with multi-threading disabled.
  • Each preset created entirely from scratch, contains no tweaked variations of existing patches.
  • Includes the patches for ALL three genres high-lighted in the YouTube/Soundcloud promos.
  • Most patches make interesting use of the modulation wheel (MW).
  • Special limited-time 50% discount for early supporters.

The soundset is available at no charge for mailing list subscribers, until July 7th, 2013.

More information: downSouthside music / out.of.the.Blue

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