Dozius Bodelay

Dozius has released version 1.0.1 of Bodelay, a free stereo delay line with bode style frequency shifter for FL Studio.

Bodelay features

  • DSP code hand optimized in ASM for good performance.
  • Stereo delay lines with bode frequency shifter in feedback chain.
  • Optional locking of each stereo sections controls.
  • Bode style frequency shifting via an IIR approximation of a Hilbert transformer.
  • Tape style delay with saturation for infinite feedback madness.
  • Cross feed between stereo delay lines.
  • Stereo Width control.
  • Delay time scaling to allow short delay times for chorus/flanging effects.
  • Delay time LFO.
  • Smooth interpolation between LFO wave shapes.
  • Low and High cut filters.
  • Panic button!
  • Wet/dry mix.
  • Output Amp w/ limiter.

Bodelay is available as a freeware plug-in for FL Studio. Note: This is not a VST effect plug-in. Place it into your fruity plugins folder, e.g. \FL Studio 9\Plugins\Fruity\Effects\Bodelay\Bodelay.dll

More information: Image-Line