Samples From Mars has released a new sample pack featuring a collection of sounds from the gritty little SP-202, 303 and 404 “DJ Boxes” made by Boss in 2000.

Dr Sample From Mars features dirty drum hits, multi-sampled acoustic instruments, grainy textures, pitched vox, aliased pads and gritty soundscapes.

All samples have their own personalties – pretty, clean, hi-fi, ugly, dirty, nasty – the list is infinite. One of the challenges we face when using samples is: how do we use stuff sourced from different places, but still make them sound like they belong together?

Fortunately, this is where the Dr shines. Whether it’s lowering the sample rate, filtering, pitch shifting, adding vinyl FX, chorus, echo, or adding nothing at all, you can sample stuff from anywhere (and we did) and the Dr. will fit it all into one gritty, lo-fi and distinct sonic home

Dr Sample From Mars features

  • 1,096 WAV Samples (24bit/44.1k).
  • 10 hit drum kits (16 samples each).
  • All samples mapped to instruments in their respective software.
  • Includes dirty drum machines, gritty vinyl and crunchy acoustic drums, lofi synths, glitchy vocals, acoustic bass, guitar, piano, textures, horns, crackles, blips and more.
  • Processed and effected through the SP-202, SP-303 and SP-404.
  • Drums additionally processed through an API console and Overstayer Modular Channel.
  • Samples sourced from drum machines, sessions, vinyl, Prophet 08, guitar and bass, Rhodes, Piano, DFAM, Field Recordings and more.
  • Classic SP effects like LoFi, Vinyl Sim, Ring Mod, Chorus, and Pitch Shifting.
  • 100% Hardware processing.
  • 2.12 GB total content (unzipped).
  • Includes kits/racks/presets for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic EXS, Reason NNXT, FL Studio, SFZ, Maschine, Battery, Reason Kong, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC Live and MPC X.

The sample pack is on sale at an intro price of $19 USD for a limited time (regular $39 USD). It is also included in the All The Samples and All The Drums bundles.

More information: Samples From Mars