Dreadbox has announced two upcoming modules in its Chromatics Family series of Eurorack modules.

Antidote features a full Karplus-Strong synthesis voice with an analog circuit based on a 512stages BBD chip.

It comes with an onboard noise generator with a variable decay, 2 analog low pass filters, an output filter, and precision track over 5 octaves. It can proces external audio signals so that can be used as a resonator, flanger or chorus (the latter two require external LFO).

Euphoria is a full analog 8-stage phase shifter with a warm vintage sound based on OTA chips. It can create phase AM sounds and can be used with lower level signal inputs such as fretted instruments.

An internal voltage controlled LFO comes with a triangle shape and a wide frequency range (about 1 min into the audio range).

The modules will be available in mid November, priced 99 EUR each.

More information: Dreadbox