Costa Rica-based sound design company Dreadstar Vocals has recently launched with the release of 8 vocal sample packs.

A collaboration between music producer and sound designer Dubsalon and Ghanaian Afro beat and dancehall star producer and singer Stucky Kojo, Dreadstar Vocals brings the sounds of talented singers/artists and producers from Africa, Jamaica, UK and US.

Our mission is to bring you the best possible loops and samples from the roots of its origins to provide a unique experience and originality into your productions.

The packs currently available include:

  • Afro Queen Acapella Vocals.
  • Reggae & Dancehall Vocals.
  • Nu Afro Roots Vocals.
  • Soundboy Rasta Shout-Outs.
  • Essential Afrobeat Drums.
  • Red Gold & Green Rasta Vocals.
  • Afrobeat Vocal Drops.
  • Reggae Meets Trap.

As part of a Summer Sale you can save 30% on a purchase with coupon code DREADSTAR42 at the checkout. This offer is valid until September.

More information: Dreadstar Vocals