Dream Audio Tools has announced the launch of its Black Friday Sale, offering a 50% discount on Kontakt instruments for a limited time.

The sale includes 15 products:

  • Dream Circle: Cinematic Gong.
  • Dream Guitars: Cinematic Ambient Guitars.
  • Dream Guitars 2: Cinematic Ambient Guitars.
  • Dream Keys: Cinematic Piano.
  • Dream Rythms 2.0: Cinematic Synthetic Textures.
  • Handrums: Drums played with hands.
  • Indie Dobro: Acoustic Resonator Guitar.
  • Indie Drums – Phat Boy: Indie Drum Kit.
  • Indie Fingers Nylon Edition: Nylon Guitar.
  • Indie Fingers Volume Three – Rhythmic Mayhem: Electric Guitar Playable Patterns.
  • Indie Fingers Volume Two – The Neck: Electric Guitar Tones and Textures.
  • Indie Mandolin: Acoustic American Mandolin.
  • Repetitive Bass Liverpool Edition: Hollowbody Electric Bass.
  • Repetitive Bass Volume Two: Acoustic Bass Repetitions and Tones.
  • South: Italian Percussions.
  • The Portable: Vintage FM based instrument.

The offer expires December 5th, 2020.

More information: Dream Audio Tools