Dream Audio Tools has announced a September Sale in which you can save 30% off on selected sample libraries through September.

At Dream Audio Tools the following products are 30% off for the month of September 2016:

  • Indie Fingers Volume One: The Bridge
  • Indie Fingers Volume Five: Nylon Edition
  • Indie Mandolin
  • Repetitive Bass Volume Two: Acoustic

The first volume of Indie Fingers includes multi-sampled fingered arpeggios and guitar sequences played on the bridge position on a Stratocaster, while volume 5 allows you to create realistic sounding nylon guitar parts.

Indie Mandolin is great for adding some indie folk flavor with its fully playable set of sequenced patches and sustained tones.

And if you are looking for some acoustic bass repetitions and tones, Repetitive Bass Vol 2 features an acoustic bass sampled with piezo and and microphone inputs.

The sale ends September 30th, 2016. Each of the libraries requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

More information: Dream Audio Tools