Dream Audio Tools has launched a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring acoustic bass repetitions and tones: Repetitive Bass Volume Two: Acoustic.

Repetitive Bass Volume Two: Acoustic features bass repetitions and tones from a pretty musical acoustic bass sampled using both direct (piezo) and microphone inputs, to offer the best sonic flexibility.

Half notes, quarters, eights repetitions and a set of sustained notes have been recorded for each input. We also sampled separately 4th string and 1st/2nd strings repetitions and sustained tones. The balancement direct/microphone can be adjusted within the interface according to taste. Repetitive bass volume two: Acoustic features also a set of designed effects for each patch, including Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Reamp/Cabinet.

Repetitive bass volume two: Acoustic is the ideal compendium for styles like aoustic pop/rock, ethnic, acoustic jazz, cinematic and every time you need to add a lively non-electric bass flavour to your composition.

Repetitive Bass Vol 2: Acoustic features

  • Tempo synced.
  • Authentic mix-ready acoustic bass tone.
  • Sampled both direct (Piezo) and Microphone inputs.
  • All samples are 24 bit/48 Khz.
  • 8 designed .nki patches.
  • Separate multisampled sets for 4th string and 2nd/1st string.
  • Direct and microphone signal balance adjustable for each patch to get the preferred tone.
  • Multiple designed effects activable (reverb, delay, chorus, reamp/cabinet).
  • Low memory usage, laptop ready.

The sample library is available for purchase for 16.90 EUR. Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.3 or higher.

More information: Dream Audio Tools