Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time promotion on the exclusive Dream Chain Bundle, a collection of 4 audio plugins to superpower your signal chain.

Pitch adjustment, EQ, and Compression form the backbone in much of audio processing’s most commonly reproduced effects chains. In processing live sound and audio samples, there is little more important than these three staples in any signal chain.

Now, Antares’ much-lauded pitch adjustment plugin Auto-Tune Access, Sonnox’s comprehensive EQ studio tool Claro, Softube’s faithful software reproduction of the classic FET Compressor, and Excite Audio’s incredible brand new approach to plugin chaining KSHMR Chain, are all available in one convenient bundle, offering you unlimited access to some of the most celebrated audio processing tools on the software market today.

The bundle is on sale for $109 USD until November 30th, 2022.

More information: Plugin Boutique