Famous Audio Dreamy Ambient

Famous Audio has released Dreamy Ambient, a collection of 1.5GB+ of samples, offering a broad spectrum of enigmatic music containing all the tools needed to create beautiful chilled and relaxing music.

This mesmerizing collection delivers a deep, dark and rich undertone that is ideal for creating multi-textural moods and environments.

With a diverse range of grainy broken beats, percussion loops, dense rhythmic, sliced breakbeat loops, lush organic textures, melodic dark pads and twisted synth sounds.. these sounds will bring a new kind of magic to your music. From serene ambient chords to ethereal organic flute tones, cinematic soundscapes to evolving drones, chilled pads to melodic sequences, dark otherworldly textures to blessed out chords, analog enriched pads to stringed timbres, deep ambiences to twisted textures, organic atmospheres to nature, unreal ambient textures to hypnotic arpeggio patterns, ethnic instruments to mesmerising sound effects, frantic percussions to smooth analogue synths, battered melodies to sepia-toned beats and so much more – these designed samples enhance any production by creating suspense, blissful, emotional and mystery.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Famous Audio / Dreamy Ambient