Blanketfort Audio has announced the release of Drone-A-Tron, a “noisemaker” instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.


Partly for Christmas, partly because although we here in ‘Upside down tomorrow land’ (thanks Greg) are ok, a lot of the world isn’t, so here’s a link to download a one trick pony.

It requires full Kontakt 6.2.2 to run but it’s a neat noisemaker called Drone-A-Tron. It was a proof of concept for something I was working on and I love it.

Started as an homage to the Swarmatron. 8 oscillators, all bending out of tune and across the stereo spectrum with a move of the mod wheel. Move the XY pad to filter and distort and bring down the robot slider to crush the signal into oblivion.

The instrument is free to download: Drone-A-Tron

You can find many more free Kontakt instruments on the list of freebies.