Dronebox v2

Oli Larkin has updated both Dronebox and Polycomb.

Dronebox is a VST effect that can turn your guitar into a sitar. It is a bank of six resonant, tunable comb filters with extensive modulation options. It can be used to create lush evolving drones or to add resonance to drums or whatever source material you wish to process.
Version 2 has a stunning new GUI, enhanced modulation and excitation possibilities plus a reverb effect. It also has a built in help section, manual and presets.

Updates in v2.1

  • Peak meters now post-fader
  • Better tool tips response
  • LFOs sync correctly to host tempo
  • Less Orange


PolyComb is a polyponic comb filter VST effect. It is similar to Dronebox but the comb filters are controled by polyphonic midi input. This allows rapid chord changes with up to 32 note polyphony.

Updates in v1.1

  • LFOs sync correctly to host tempo
  • Less Orange
  • Manual now available

Check the Oli Larkin website for more information and downloads of demos and example sounds.