DrPetter releases sfxr – sound effect generator


DrPetter has released sfxr, a sound effect generator created for LD48, a bi-annual 48 hour solo game development competition.

sfxrsfxr – create cool sound effects with ease!

DrPetter writes:

What I present here is, if you will, an MS Paint for sound effects… or something along those lines. It’s meant to make it dead easy for anyone to whip up a few simple sound effects and save them as .WAV files for playback using most game/media libraries like SDL or pygame.


  • Generator presets: Pickup/coin, laser/shoot, explosion, powerup, hit/hurt, jump and blip/select.
  • Randomize function & Mutate for small random changes to the current values.
  • Manual settings include: waveform selection, envelope, frequency controls, filters (LP/HP).
  • Preset load/save.
  • Export to .wav, 44.1kHz/22kHz, 16/8-bit.

A Linux port by mjau is available as well.

Check the sfxr page for more information.

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The website of Sfxr is down for long time. So now, you can download it here :

It’s my website about chipmusic, chiptune, 8bit music…