The Drum Broker has introduced Analog Sweeps & Transitions, a special edition blap kit by !llmind.

!llmind Analog Sweeps & Transitions

“What exactly are sweeps and transitions? They’re those spacey, textured (sometimes weird) sounds that are used to help producers transition into and out of different parts of a beat or song. They can be used for various things. What makes ‘sweepers’ so cool is the different textures they can add to a track.

Whether used to help a drum fill transition into a chorus make sense, or time-stretched into a verse to create different feel, there are no rules to how you can use them. Here, I’ve created a collection of sweeps, uprisers & transitional sounds using some of my favorite analog hardware. Intense LFO & sound design makes this collection as original as they get.” – !llmind

The limited edition kit is available for purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Sample Broker