The Drum Broker has launched Yolked Out Drum Library, a bundle featuring 5 sample packs from Beat Butcha.

Beat Butcha Yolked Out

We bundled up our most popular drum kit series by master producer and sound designer Beat Butcha to maximize your savings! The Yolked Out Drum Library features all 5 of Beat Butcha’s most popular drum kits including: Pure Protein Vol. 1, Pure Protein Vol. 2, Pure Protein Vol. 3, Pure Protein Vol. 4, The Steroid Pack Vol. 1.

Yolked Out Drum Library features

  • 327 FX, Rolls, etc.
  • 637 Hats & Percussion.
  • 629 Kicks & 808’s.
  • 885 Snares, Claps, etc.
  • 35 Breaks.
  • 210 Chords & Chops.
  • 107 Bass Patches.

The bundle costs $79.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker