The Drum Broker has launched the Sammich Kit Vol.3 – Boom Bap Edition, a sample pack from MSXII Sound Design.

MSXII Sound Design Sammich Kit Vol.3

Inspired by some of the most notable records we’ve all come to love, The Sammich Kit 3 is full of neck breaking snares, thuddy kicks, and dirty hi-hats. It also features that warm, analog character texture MSXII is known for.

Again, no punches pulled here; all sounds are ready to find their way in your production! No fluff, no fillers, no bullshi#. Layered to taste, and carefully eq’d to cut through your mix.

Sammich Kit Vol.3 features

  • 69 sounds (16bit .wav).
  • Analog character and warmth for that vintage sound.
  • True to it’s roots–No fluff, no filler sounds, EVERYTHING is usable.
  • Bonus folder of “Random Samples” + an added analog bass note folder.
  • Plug and play sounds. These drums will fit right into your mix and stand out.
  • EQ’d and mixed to taste–tweaked for immediate use.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $19.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker