Meldaproduction has announced availability of a new title in the series of free extension packs for its MDrummer advanced drum machine and virtual drummer.

The Drum Empire 20202 expansion features a huge array of high-end drums and cymbals sampled in Svárov Studio, a highly-specialized recording facility designed for working with drums.

Available as another extension pack for free, Drum Empire 2020 offers over 60 GB of compressed content to owners of MDrummer as a huge array of sampled high- end drums and cymbals played mostly with sticks, but also brushes and mallets, while hands also got a workout when things got broken!

But there was only one recording location geared up for this no-holds-barred percussive approach as far as MeldaProduction was collectively concerned. Svárov Studio is a highly-specialised recording facility designed for working with drums, conveniently located a few kilometres outside of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague — possibly the best studio for recording drums in Central Europe, thanks to its beautifully-controlled, high- ceilinged hall, not to mention many desirable drum kits always available from the likes of Gretsch, Ludwig, and Pearl, readily recordable to the highest standard using a superlative selection of microphones and preamps/DIs that are more than up to the task at hand. Helpfully, it turned out that it is owned by total drum junkies who eat, sleep, and drink drums!

Turbulent times meant MeldaProduction started sampling for what would become Drum Empire 2020 at Svárov Studio two days before COVID-19-related restrictions kicked into play, yet the production played on with wearing of face masks failing to dampen the percussive passion from everyone involved in recording professional drummers in professional studio conditions — including the drummers themselves!

Drum Empire 2020 is available as a free extension pack for MeldaProduction’s MDrummer and MSoundFactory.

MDrummer is available to purchase at a 50% discount at Meldaproduction and distributor Plugin Boutique, priced 125 EUR until the end of October, 2020.