The Drum Sample Broker Grit Kit

The Drum Sample Broker’s Grit Kit is a collection of rare drums from the MPC60, featuring sounds with an analog 12bit flavor.

If you are looking for gritty, raw, unprocessed, 12-Bit drum samples. This is your kit!

The Grit kit features over 100 rare kicks and snares chopped right from rare Vinyl breaks to a MPC 60 for raw, gritty, analog flavor! The pre-amps and D/A converters on the hardware used to create this kit cannot be emulated using software.

These drum samples are perfect for layering or stand alone use.

Grit Kit features

  • 56 Gritty Kicks.
  • 48 Snappy & Dirty Snares.
  • 4 Dirty Hats & a Clap.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: Drum Sample Broker