Drum Season has launched the Satellite Kite Collection Kit, a sample pack featuring sounds from mix sessions of the Satellite Kite album by Beautiful Eulogy.

The “Satellite Kite” collectors kit includes 100+ sounds, including Kicks, Snares, Percussions, EFX, and Textures, as well as Vocal & Instrument samples, all taken directly from the mix sessions of “Satellite Kite”. This kit was meticulously edited and compiled by Bryan “Braille” Winchester. Not only does this kit provide you with excellent royalty free sounds for your productions, you can also study how the sounds were used in the context of the album to gain inspiration and techniques.

The entire kit was processed through a Neve summing mixer. The sounds are big and by no means limited or flat. As a bonus feature, we included multiple versions of some of the kick drums. The differences are subtle, but when you use the different variations together in your drum programming, it will add extra swing and movement to your groove.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $35 USD.

More information: Humble Beast