Drum Werks The Complete Pearl Snares Samples Collection

Drum Werks has announced the release of the Complete Pearl Snare Samples Collection, a sample pack that contains nearly 5,000 24/44 WAV files, weighing in at over 4 GB of pristine snare samples.

With 53 individual folders of snare samples, each snare sample set offers multiple velocity layers (from the softest taps to the loudest cracks) with each velocity layer having an abundance of sample variations – say goodbye to the “machine gun” effect when you put this collection of snare samples to use.

The Drum Werks Complete Pearl Snare Samples Collection is a professional snare sample library that captures all the flavors and tones of 100% pure and natural acoustic snare drums. The driving motivation of this snare sample library was to capture and share our healthy collection of Pearl snare drums as an unprocessed collection of drum samples.

The Pearl Snare Samples Collection represent several years of accumulated work. We have been experimenting with various tunings, heads, and recording techniques on our ever-growing collection of Pearl snare drums to present you a versatile collection of all-natural, 100% pure snare drum samples. These 18 different drums represent a wide array of tones possible in that signature component of your drum sound: the snare. We have the woody warmth of maple snare, the strong and bright tone of brass snares, the dry crack of aluminum, the loud and piercing smack of steel – all sampled in different tunings and degrees of decay.

All samples are presented as 24/44 stereo WAV format files, ready for use in all popular DAW and virtual instrument software platforms. Whether you’re planning to use these snares to breathe warmth and flavor to MIDI-driven drum tracks or to enhance existing drum tracks through drum replacement, you’ll find no shortage of sound and character in this truly exhaustive collection of snare samples.

There’s a snare drum in this collection for whatever style of music you play, be it rock, metal, blues, funk, country, or pop. Only you will know just that right snare that will complement your music.

Complete Pearl Snare Samples Collection features

  • Nearly 5000 24/44 stereo WAV format samples in 53 unique snare flavors.
  • Five velocity zones: extra-soft, soft, medium, medium-hard, hard, crack. Multiple samples at each zone/velocity layer.
  • 44100 Hz 24-bit WAV stereo samples for universal use and application in all DAWs, virtual instruments, and drum replacement software.
  • Multiple snare tunings, from low and fat to high and popping. Full, natural decay on all drum samples.
  • Recorded in a flat, neutral room to allow for maximum user-controlled processing with EQ, compression, transient shapers, and other EFX.
  • Many snare sample sets (but not all) feature rim, cross-stick, and flam samples of each the snare drums.

The pack is available for purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: Drum Werks