Drumdrops has announced the release of Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1, a collection 17 pop drum tracks based on the sound and the grooves of the 60s played by London session drummer Tim Weller.

Drumdrops Swining 60s Pop Drops Vol 1

Recorded on a lovely old 60s Rogers Kit and mic’d up old style in a dry sounding booth, these drum tracks will help add authentic 60s vibe to your songs, soundtracks and commercials. All the drum tracks recorded feature grooves that build and change through different musical sections offering a range of dynamics and fills. All the tracks have been arranged to purchase in a number of different formats so you can easily use as is, or easily edit them into your arrangement.

The range of drum tracks take inspiration from artists such as Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, Scott Walker and move on to some late 60s grooves from the likes of Booker T and the Kinks. Some of the tracks include percussion such as tambourines, shakers and guiro and on a number of tracks we include a Plate Reverb for added authenticity.

All 17 drum tracks can be purchased in four different packs:

  • Unmixed multi-tracks which come as full length live multi-tracks with a tempo map to follow. We include patches for Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper and Studio One and if you own other DAW just import the 24-bit WAV files. The Multi-track packs also include song construction loops with the tracks chopped into sections such as intro, verse, middle 8 and chorus and locked to the beat. These can be quickly and easily imported to make a quick backing track. Individual multi-tracks are priced at £ 5.00 / pack.
  • Mixed Stem & Mix Packs which provide the mixed audio stems and full mixes with and without percussion. Once again these are provided as the full length live WAVs with a tempo map and as song construction loops. These packs are more suitable for customers who do not want to mix the drum parts. Individual Stem and Mix Packs are priced at £ 3.50 / pack.
  • Drum Loop packs contain a large number of 2 bar fill and groove loops taken from the tracks. All of these are locked to the beat and come formatted as Apple Loops (24 bit and 16 bit), WAVs and Rex2 Files making them compatible with large amounts of software. Individual Loop packs are priced at £ 3.00 / pack.
  • Practice Track Packs – contain a mix of the full length drum track (with and without percussion) as an MP3 and these are perfect for jamming along to. Individual practice tracks are priced at £ 1.25 / pack.
  • Each drum track can be purchased individually in any format or if you buy the album (in any format) you get 20% off the complete price.

    More information: Drumdrops / Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1