Drumforge has introduced DF-COMP, a simple and easy to use audio plugin that provides access to a collection of classic compressors optimized for drum mixing.

Drumforge DF-COMP

The plugin features six selectable drum modes, each containing three different musical compression vibes from transparent to aggressive. DF-COMP also features a mix knob for parallel compression and a knob to dial in the amount of compression desired.

With DF-COMP, the user has access to a large range of tonal flexibility not found within the limitations of traditional compressor designs.

DF-COMP features

  • ATTACK your drum mix with an entire rack of drum compressors in a single plugin featuring our proprietary analogue modelling technology.
  • RELEASE your creativity with an easy to use and intuitive interface instead of struggling with the complicated controls of a compressor.
  • Enjoy adjusting the RATIO of the vibe you need in your drum mix with three unique, musical approaches per drum.
  • Deliver your drums past the THRESHOLD of amazing with extremely musical compression via the mix knob.

DF-COMP for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) is available priced at $99 USD.

More information: Drumforge