Drums On Demand Warm & Natural

Drums On Demand has released Warm & Natural, the 11th DOD volume of drum libraries.

“Organically grown” with minimal processing, “Warm & Natural” offers up 25 Song Sets for your acoustic-oriented projects. If you’re producing natural and relatively unplugged music, then you’ll find “Warm & Natural” an indispensable tool for your songwriting and production.

Warm & Natural features

  • 1100 loops and single hits in 25 super-deep Song Sets®
  • Ideal for every acoustic and semi-acoustic — folk, blues, alt, country.
  • Many brush, rim and Blastix grooves.
  • Some odd-time Song Sets.
  • 200 megs of matching multi-velocity single hits (sticks and brushes).
  • Tempos ranging from 59-179 BPM.
  • Matching mix across entire volume for using loops from different Song Sets.
  • More than one gig of material on 2 CDs (24-bit version).
  • High-end 44.1 K, quality mix.
  • Royalty-free.
  • Patent-Pending organization system

Warm & Natural is available in stereo format for $79.95 USD and a multitrack upgrade is available for an additional $99.95 USD.

Visit Drums On Demand for more information and demo mp3s.