The Unfinished has released Drumstruck 4, a Kontakt 5 library featuring a collection of cinematic percussion loops designed to be used in underscore, action and electronic music.

The Unfinished Drumstruck 4

Drumstruck 4 includes over 170 dark, dynamic, twisted and atmospheric percussive sequences programmed with software and hardware synths and modified with a collection of effects plugins.

This library is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Load up a patch and start jamming with the various loops. No complicated GUI; just carefully programmed drum grooves, ready to be dropped directly into your tracks.

The vibe is inspired by the beat-driven scoring styles of composers such as Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell and Henry Jackman; classic scores including Phone Booth, the Bourne Series and Man on a Ledge. Techy, synthetic, energetic, detailed, ambient; a percussive soundtrack at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for great, simple but kinetic, widescreen, electronic drumbeats, with an emphasis on adding subtle and punchy rhythmic content to your music, Drumstruck 4 will be a great new weapon in your studio arsenal.

Drumstruck 4 features

  • Betamax Beats: 28 loops created with digital synths, to give a crunchy, modern vibe.
  • Broken Breaks: 30 dirty and damaged breakbeats.
  • Darker Drums: 90 loops designed with a moody, organic, analogue feel.
  • Eclectic Effects: A small, bonus collection of 15 fx samples (5 bass drops, 5 reverse transitions and 5 vocal effects) taken from some unreleased sound design projects.
  • Filtered Funk: 15 beats designed for a bespoke project, to create dynamic, filtered, electronic drumbreak fills.
  • Sub Slams: 25 deep and dark, analogue, cinematic impacts.
  • Vox Vortex: Bonus patch of 12 drum loops created using Matt’s own voice.
  • 215 samples in total.

Drumstruck 4 costs £24.99 excl. VAT. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.
Also available is a WAV Edition which contains WAV versions of all the files as well as the Kontakt files.

More information: The Unfinished / Drumstruck 4