DSK Strings v1.0

DSK Music has released DSK Strings v1.0, a freeware classic string instruments VSTi plugin.


  • 2 Layers (22 instruments)
  • ADSR for each layer
  • Octave and micro-tunning selector
  • Effects: Flanger, Delay and Reverb
  • Midi Automation

The instruments included are:

  1. Cello (p, sp, sf, sm)
  2. ContraBass (p, sp, sf)
  3. Viola (p, sp, sf)
  4. Violin (p, sp, sf, sm)
  5. Full String section (sp, sf, sm)
  6. Glisando Fx

p = pizzicato, sp = section piano, sf = section forte, sm = section marcato

DSK Strings v1.0 (31.0 MB) can be downloaded below.

 DSK Strings v1.0 (Download size: 31.85 MB)

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