Neumann has greatly enhanced the features of the KH 750 DSP subwoofer, which was launched in 2019, with the release of the latest version of the Neumann.Control iPad app (version 3.0).

KH750DSP NeumannControl KH420 310 120 80

The “Guided Alignment” and “Manual Alignment” functions that allow for easy acoustic adjustment to the room now not only work with KH 80 DSP near-field monitors, but also in stereo setups with all other Neumann KH Line monitors (KH 120/310/420).

Simply connect these monitors to the stereo outputs of the KH 750 DSP subwoofer and, in conjunction with the iPad app, they can now also benefit from its DSP power.

In this way, the KH 750 DSP can now serve as the intelligent control center of every Neumann stereo setup.

NeumannControl GuidedAlignment

“Guided Alignment” is a patented wizard where you are asked simple questions about the room and the loudspeaker/subwoofer position and the app adjusts the response of each loudspeaker/subwoofer accordingly.

NeumannControl ManualAlignment

With “Manual Alignment” expert users have complete freedom to adjust an 8-band fully parametric equalizer, levels and the time-of-flight delay in each loudspeaker or subwoofer as they wish.

“Manual Alignment” can also be used to edit Guided Alignments in a more detailed way.

Furthermore, this configuration offers the following advantages:

  • Individual X-Over optimization between the subwoofer and the connected Neumann monitors, depending on the monitor model used.
  • DSP-based phase linearization of the connected analog Neumann studio monitors for an even more transparent sound image.
  • Use of the digital inputs (S/P-DIF and AES3) of the subwoofer for the entire system.
  • Lip sync delay for the complete setup.

Version 3.0 of the Neumann.Control iPad app is available now from the App Store.

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