DSPplug has announced the release of a new doubler effect plugin for Windows.

Hydra features 4 band stereo width, mid & side, makeup, and saturation controls. Doubling can be mitigated using the functional and attractive 4 band mixer, employing a natural 12dbfs crossover.

In the 1950s the Danish audio engineer Holger Lauridsen changed the face of audio by creating a way of making stereo from mono. That advent though was in competition with new advances in doubling; like that designed by Ken Townsend at Abbey Road, though both applications were made ever popular by rock and roll, and especially in the way of altering guitar signals; the Lauridsen technique became the stereo from mono technique which we take for granted today.

What this meant for doubling was that it all too often took a back seat, becoming a passenger due to the natural sounding phase occurring and a reverb-like effect from constantly improving variations based upon Holger Lauridsen’s technique.

The Hydra doubler changes the rules; using an lfo control signal to create perfectly biased phase in stereo from mono (or even from stereo) using sample accurate timing rather than a phase directly caused by punch and amplitude; still functioning very much like the Lauridsen method, but without the wild phase cancellation

The hydra sports an unrivalled level of well balanced phase cancellation with the same instant gratification that both mixers and listeners desire. Though more destructive than haas, and perhaps having a slightly more pronounced grain than some mono to stereo techniques, maybe you’ll rely on the economical and reliable hydra doubler by DSPplug in your next production.

Additionally, the Dancemaster compressor effect has been updated to version 1.6.

Having a commercial sound, and sporting a transparent detection that allows distortion through, the dancemaster will not alter the sound’s color so much as it allows you to affect the sustain of a drum, reducing the room noise and even shortening the decay of a drum, hi-hat or snare.

Available in VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows (32/64-bit), Hydra and Dancemaster are priced $3 USD each.

More information: DSPplug