Dynaudio Professional DBM50

Dynaudio Professional (formerly Dynaudio Acoustics) has introduced the DBM50, the perfect active desktop monitor featuring a 7.1” woofer and a 1.1” soft dome tweeter.

All aspects of its design point towards desktop use – from the perfectly angled front over the ingenious waveguide around the tweeter to the optional addition of a level controller that never compromises the all-important level interrelationship between speakers.

Another key factor that puts DBM50 in the front seat is sheer quality. Each and every one is handcrafted in Denmark with attention to even the tiniest detail. More than 20 years of expertise in speaker design, development and manufacturing guarantees a set of monitors that go the extra mile to recreate even the smallest and most subtle details of any recording or production.

Dynaudio Professional DBM50 Controller

Take Complete Control

DBM50 comes with the option of adding a sleek controller that puts the user squarely at the helm of volume control in any situation. Levels can be set and manipulated with precision and ease, completely independent of the computer or workstation in use. The DBM50 controller provides perfect tracking, which guarantees spot-on stereo imaging with unprecedented precision.

In other words, DBM50 is the only choice when it comes to desktop monitoring.

DBM50 features

  • Perfectly Angled for Desktop Mixing.
  • Every Driver Hand-built in Denmark.
  • Optional Master Volume Control.
  • 7.1” Woofer / 1.1” Soft Dome Tweeter.
  • 50+50 Watts.
  • 117 dB SPL.
  • Frequency Range: 46Hz – 21kHz.
  • Dimensions: W 437 mm, D 410 mm, H 435 mm.
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs./kg.

The DBM50 will be available in May 2012 in the EU and Summer 2012 in the US, for a suggested price of $499 USD/499 EUR/£415 GBP each. The optional volume controller is priced $69 USD/69 EUR/£59 GBP.

More information: Dynaudio Professional / DBM50