E-Phonic has announced an update to the Invader 2 virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and MacOS.

Version 1.0.8 includes many new features, improvements and fixes.

Invader 2 is an 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer. It was designed to be easy to program while still offering a wide range of sounds and possibilities

Changes in Invader 2 v1.0.8

  • Parameter values now displayed in the top bar.
  • Adds sustain pedal support.
  • Oscillators that have the same pitch (or a multiple) are synced when a note is triggered to improve consistency in sound.
  • The phase of the oscillators is now also updated when the volume is at zero to prevent unexpected changes when they are turned on again.
  • New phase offset slider added to control the initial phase when oscillators are synced/restarted.
  • Reworked MIDI note handling.
  • Key assign modes added:
    • REUSE: reuse already playing voices with the same MIDI note.
    • NEW: assigns MIDI notes to new voices if available.
  • ARP now works correctly in polyphonic mode.
  • ARP now handles velocity.
  • SEQ now has 2 play modes, Sequencer Play (Poly) and Sequencer Play (Seq):
    • Sequencer Play (Poly) plays the (polyphonic) notes you play and applies the pitch of the sequencer to the notes.
    • Sequencer Play (Seq) plays the sequence transposed to the note you play.
  • Fix: clicks/pops when using oscillator restart with the triangle oscillator.
  • Fix: clicks/pops when switching presets.
  • Fix: update MIDI controller status after loading preset.
  • Fix: song conversion from v1.0.3 working again.
  • Unused PW / SYNC controls are disabled when Triangle or Saw oscillator types are active.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Presets are updated for the new phase controls.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats, Invader 2 is a “pay what you like” download starting from 5 EUR. The update is free for existing customers.

More information: E-Phonic