eaReckon has announced the release of EAReverb 2, an algorithmic reverb effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

eaReckon EAReverb 2








This 100% algorithmic reverb features the “Natural” core engine of the original EAReverb but also brings new algorithms and functionalities accessible from a totally revised user interface.
Compared to the former EAReverb which focuses on simulating natural environments, EAReverb 2 can then be considered as a more holistic answer to your reverb needs.

EAReverb 2 features

  • 6 different algorithms:
    • Natural (XXS>XTREM): Formerly conceived for the original EAReverb, this algorithm provides smooth and natural results by avoiding metallic artefacts and by offering an adjustable level of subtle randomness in the late reverb.
    • Bright: Compared to “Natural”, using Bright is like adding carbon dioxide to source water. Just consider high frequencies as bubbles and you will get the idea of what can be obtained from this algorithm.
    • Alu Box: This one provides a tamed and metallic sounding reverb as what you might expect from a spacecraft or an empty metal tank.
    • Auditorium: Auditorium is the most extended version of the original EAReverb core algorithm. It offers a wide range of possibilities from natural to artificial results. It features “bright” and (perceived) “distance” parameters.
    • Plate: A mono to stereo algorithm featuring bright and modulated characteristics of some classic high quality reverb units.
    • Reverse: A synchronisable reverse algorithm that provides the “whoosh” effect some are in quest of.
  • Three different operation modes:
    • PRO: gives access to all parameters and modules.
    • SE: a limited but easy and fast alternative interface to the PRO mode.
    • POS: provides specific tools that will help you to dynamically set the location of incoming sounds in the space simulated by EAReverb 2.
  • Advanced Early Reflections editor.
  • Multi-Band module (4 adjustable bands, Post/Pre modes).
  • Gate module (including a “transient” mode).
  • Preset manager (including 89 selected factory presets).

EAReverb 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) costs 129 EUR. The upgrade from version 1 and EAReverb SE is 59 EUR and 90 EUR, respectively.

Until December 27th, 2015, EAReverb 2 is available for the introductory price of 99 EUR, and the upgrades from version 1 and EAReverb SE are 45 and 60 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / EAReverb 2