eaReckon has announced the release of EARevolve, a new audio effect plugin that combines a stereo chorus and a (mono to stereo) rotary speaker.

eaReckon EARevolve

All-in-one, this plug-in is a flexible tool that adds depth and/or controlled movement to your sounds. It is particularly efficient when you want to turn a mono signal into a dynamic and deep stereo sound.

EARevolve features

  • Chorus:
    • 2×2 lines (2x stereo chorus).
    • Common parameters: Base Rate, Depth amount, Randomness, Shape (triangle/sine).
    • 1st stereo chorus parameters: Delays (L/R), Right Phase offset, Crossmix, HPF frequency.
    • 2nd stereo chorus parameters: Delays (L/R), Right Phase offset, Rate ratio, LPF frequency.
  • Rotary speaker
    • Classic rotary speaker properties (rotation speeds, acceleration, deceleration, saturation) + A/B speed selector and brakes.
    • Advanced “Horn” and “Drum” properties (Doppler effect, Gain modulation, LPF modulation, Multi-band tool, …).
    • Adjustable speaker size (diameter).
    • Rotation speeds are synchronizable to the host tempo.
    • “Park angle” options. It is possible to set the position (angle) at which a rotor will be stopped. Once this rotor stopped, the angle can be freely manipulated or you can make it follow the center of the room or the microphones.
    • Advanced microphone settings (adjustable polar diagrams, Mid/Side mode, …).
    • Adjustable room properties (room size, early reflections, …).
    • Adjustable position of the rotary speaker + (optional) automated/synchronizable movement of the speaker in the room.

EARevolve for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) is available from Plugin Boutique for the intro price of 49 EUR until July 18th, 2018 (regular 79 EUR).

More information: eaReckon

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